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By Dean Faculty of Engineering UBAYA Eric Wibisono, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D.

It has been a while since I posted anything here. I’m gonna write something about Covid, but nothing related to the health protocols. Much has been said about those yet we see more negligence each day. No masks and no distancing during or after an event; often makes you wonder what’s the average education level of those people in the pictures…

No, enough of that. News of those failing the battle against Covid keeps coming and the circle of death is getting closer to our friends and relatives. Yet it means nothing to those people. Let them be. Keep doing the right things we do and hopefully we can survive.

But surviving this pandemic is not just about health protocols. The slowing down of economic has taken its toll and recession is no longer lurking but is happening now! We need to help other people so we can weather this storm together. You don’t live by yourself. You need other people to buy your products/services. And if those people are gone, who’s gonna buy your stuffs in the future? You need to help them survive for your own future survival. I believe this principle since day one of Covid. So I have just only one idea to offer below.

It’s simple. If your income is not affected (or at least not yet!), it means you’re at the average or higher level in the economy ladder. I urge you to TAKE CARE OF ANOTHER FAMILY in need. Yes, bring them to your circle. Provide their daily sustenance and embrace them as if they’re your own family members.

It doesn’t matter if they’re actually your relatives as long as they’re really in need. If your income is much higher than average, then you may consider taking more than one families. I’ve seen people working on charity providing those in needs with “sembako” (package containing essentials such as few kgs of rice etc.). This is very noble and the packages are usually prepared in batches of dozens or even hundreds. But while it affects a larger community, it cannot sustain for a long time.

Battling the pandemic is like a marathon rather than a sprint. Our social deeds must be sustainable for a long period. Bring one or more families and accept them as your own. Help them survive. They may not live under your roof but, hey, what are those Gojek/Grab drivers for? You could help them, too, by sending daily meals to your “new family” using their services.

If any of your “new family” members runs a simple business, buy their products/services and do not negotiate for better price! Just buy them. I believe this idea is really simple. The only hindrance is if you think you want to accumulate wealth during this pandemic. Btw, I’m not trying to brag, but of course I’ve walked my talk. Stay safe and stay healthy. Godspeed!

(photo: marketwatch)